Beaverlodge Sunrise

This giant beaver statue was installed in year 2004. Very eye-catching; it’s just next to Highway 43. Every vehicle passing through this town will see this symbolic architecture. The heritage building behind the flags is Tourist Information Centre and Cultural Centre, which was previously a hospital!!

This world largest beaver is certainly a huge tourist attraction. Not sure if it is a favourite spot for wedding photography?!?! ò.ó

World Biggest Beaver during Autumn Sunrise - Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

September 4, 2011: Sunrise with Giant Beaver at Beaverlodge, Alberta. The building behind the flags is Beaverlodge Cultural Centre.

I took the above photo around 5:30am. So early!!! People were probably thinking “What is that guy doing?!”

Sunrise Picture with Giant Beaver - Beaverlodge, County of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

September 4, 2011: sunrise photo with the world biggest beaver

Beaverlodge Settlement History

Bill Bernard, the earliest settler, arrived in 1907. Oliver H. (Rutabaga) Johnson accompanied the Rede and Robert Stone families in 1908. The extended Johnson and Pool families, numbering fourteen, came in April 1909 and opened the first trading post west of Lake Saskatoon at “Stony Point”. The first wave of settlement came in July 1909 in a thirty-one member party known as the “Bull Outfit” because of the thirty-six oxen they used. Included were such names as: Lossing, Flint, Smith, Sherk, Gaudin, Crabbe, Shisler, McNaught, Truax, Drake, Cranston, Pierce, and Sargeant. Almost all were members of the “Christian Association” from Ontario and their arrival in Beaverlodge Valley constituted the first successful attempt at group settlement in the Peace River Country.

Source: Monument at Beaverlodge Culture Centre


Exact location of this Giant Beaver is indicated by Green Arrow.

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