Bijoux Falls Provincial Park

Bijoux Falls Provincial Park at Pine Pass - MacKenzie, British Columbia, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

September 4, 2011: Bijoux Falls is a nice picnic/lunch day-use rest stop along Highway 97.

Bijoux Falls is a favourite spot for lunch breaks, little snooze, and picnicking. The waterfalls is right next to Highway 97. No hiking is required. However, if you want to hike up to the upper portion of the falls after a large lunch meal, it’s possible. If you look behind the fence, there is sort of a trail along the right side of the falls. Rocks and tree trunks form the natural stairs for hiking enthusiasts. :D Check the map below for more info.

The nearest town to Bijoux Falls is MacKenzie, BC. The waterfalls is also nearby other favourite destinations, such as Powder King Ski Resort and Lake Azouzetta.

Standing at the Base of Bijoux Falls during Labour Day Long Weekend in Pine Pass - Bijoux Falls Provincial Park - MacKenzie, BC, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

September 4, 2011: Why is there a big tree in the middle of Bijoux Falls?!

Sitting in Front of Bijoux Falls on Labour Day in Pine Pass - MacKenzie, BC, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

September 4, 2011: Another view of Bijoux Falls :D

Map and Driving Direction

Exact location of Bijoux Falls (Waterfalls, Parking Lot, Trail Head) is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map (click EXTERNAL LINK below to view map).
Or, visit Bijoux Falls Provincial Park for more info.


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