Crescent Falls – Nordegg, Alberta

Crescent Falls Hiking Trail in Autumn - Nordegg, Alberta, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

September 24, 2011: Crescent Falls in an early morning of autumn. To take this shot, you have to hike down the short steep cliff, but it's worth the effort!

After arriving at Saskatchewan Crossing on Icefield Parkway (Highway 93) in Banff National Park, I decided to travel east along David-Thompson Highway 11 to see Crescent Falls. The waterfalls consists of two cascades located on the Bighorn River in west-central Alberta, Canada. The nearest community is Nordegg. Check the map below for direction and exact location.

In winter, I’ll assume ice climbing is possible for this location.

Base of Crescent Falls Provincial Park - Nordegg, Alberta, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

September 24, 2011: At the base of upper Crescent Falls

Hiking Down to the Base of Crescent Falls - Nordegg, Alberta, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

September 24, 2011: I built an inukshuk ᐃᓄᒃᓱᒃ, the one in the middle, at the base of Crescent Falls. There is another one to the left.

Driving Direction to Crescent Falls

Traveling east from Saskatchewan Crossing toward Nordegg, there is a huge lake “Abraham Lake” beside the David-Thompson Highway 11. As soon as you travel past Abraham Lake, pay attention to road signs because they’re kinda small. You will encounter a small gas station “Big Horn Reserve Gas Station” for Chiniki First Nation on the right / south side of highway. Directly opposite to the gas station is Crescent Falls access road on the left / north side of highway. (Tips: if you need gas, fill it up at this small gas station because the gas is cheaper and not very busy, compared to Nordegg and Saskatchewan Crossing. Save time and money!! The gas station owner is a friendly Korean.) Distance to Big Horn Reserve Gas Station is 18km from Nordegg and 72km from Saskatchewan Crossing.

Follow the Crescent Falls access road (unpaved gravel) for 6km to get to Crescent Falls viewing platform. No hike is required to see the Upper Crescent Falls. However, if you want to hike down to the base of the falls, there are a series of narrow/steep trails leading to the pool below the upper falls and to see lower falls better. If you want to stay for camping, a large campground is further down the access road, only a few meters from the falls.

Exact location of Crescent Falls is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map (click EXTERNAL LINK below to view map).

Recreational Activities in Crescent Falls Provincial Park include camping, fishing, hiking (front country), and horseback riding. I don’t think ATV is allowed.
Click here for campsite info.


5 thoughts on “Crescent Falls – Nordegg, Alberta

  1. my guy friend and i took an unplanned but unforgettable trip to this area and found the big horn gorge and just hung out there, we never made it to the actual falls (next time). We were lost for a bit, but found the gas station man who saved the day to tell us just how close we were to finding the spot! thanks for your site.

  2. A friend and my self were down at Crescent Falls, Ram Fals this weekend, there’s lot’s of debris, at the Crescent Falls site, from the upper fall area, you can get down to the middle basin, but it’s very full, of broken, branches, tress, rock, and just about everything else the river could pick up, and throw, over the falls. Ram Fals, is much better, but, the water is still running high, and is very dirty, it is still a great site, to get to, for those, who don’t mind the drive, and a bit of a walk, recommended.

  3. We are out this way alot and just to let you know there are alot of places to free camp in this area as well.

    • I’m looking for a campsite that’s a little secluded. My 9 & 6 year old sons really want to “rough it”. Is Crescent falls a good pick ? We would be tenting it and would like some distance between campsites. The hiking looks amazing. We are novice campers so any suggestions would be appreciated. I am driving in from Edmonton and a 3 hour drive is approximately the maximum i’d wanna travel. Thanks.

      • It was a day trip for me. I’ve never camped there, but it seems like this waterfall is very popular for visitors, hikers, campers, As such, I won’t say it’s secluded. There are 29 campsites at Crescent Falls.

        Driving will take about 4 hours from Edmonton to Crescent Falls.

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