Flood Falls – Hope, BC

Hiking Trail to the Base of Flood Falls - Hope, British Columbia, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

August 4, 2011: Hi :D

Flood Falls in Hope, BC, is a less known sister waterfalls to Bridal Falls in Chilliwack. Both waterfalls are pretty close to each other (less than 10min apart). The hiking trails to both falls are equally short, ideal for young and old. Therefore, there is no reason you can’t visit both on the same day.

One thing that sets Flood Falls apart is that you can stand right at the base of the waterfalls!!! Not many people visit this waterfall, so it is less crowded than the nearby Bridal Falls. Take you time, enjoy your hike, and dance below the waterfalls if you like!! Check the map below for the exact location of trail head to Flood Falls.

Hiking Trail to the Base of Flood Falls - Hope, BC, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

August 4, 2011: Hiking trail goes directly to the base of Flood Falls.

Standing at the Base of Flood Falls - Hope, BC, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

August 4, 2011: You can bath under the falls if so desired! :-)

How to Get to Flood Falls?

The hiking trail head (parking lot) to Flood Falls is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map (click EXTERNAL LINK below to view map). It is just next to Trans-Canada Highway 1 at Exit 165. If you miss the exit and end up in municipality Hope, then just visit the Tourist Information Centre in Hope and they will direct you an easy route from Hope to Flood Falls. Cheers!


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