Grande Prairie Fireworks Photography Location

Where to view fireworks

Grande Prairie Fireworks takes place in Muskoseepi Park—the same location both for Canada Day (June 30, midnight) and New Year’s Eve (Dec 31, 10pm). There are many viewpoints in the park. Many people go to Bear Creek Reservoir by the water to view the fireworks up close with nice reflection of fireworks on the lake. However, if your intention is to photograph the fireworks, then it’s a different story.

Where to photoshoot fireworks

Generally, when I photograph fireworks, I like to incorporate a landmark in the foreground with the fireworks in the background. The foreground can be a silhouette of spectators; however, that won’t tell the reader the location of the fireworks. Or, the foreground can be a landmark unique to the specific city/town/place. Take Grande Prairie for example. The landmarks can be Centre 2000, Millenium Sundial, St. Joseph Church, GPRC, GP Heritage Village Pioneer Museum, etc. You may be surprised there aren’t many crowds in those locations, making them even better spots for photography!!!

Map & Locations for Fireworks Photography in GP Muskoseepi Park - Downtown Grande Prairie, Alberta | SAMTSAI.COM

Map for Fireworks Photography in Grande Prairie

RED = fireworks barges
PURPLE = points of interest for photography

Spot 1: Centre 2000 / Millenium Sundial

You can either photoshoot Centre 2000 alone, or Millenium Sundial alone, or combination of both. You can choose any spot on the grass field; it’s pretty empty during fireworks! If you want, you can also cross the bypass (116Ave) to the north side of the street and see if you like that view.

Spot 2: St Joseph Roman Catholic Church

Again, it’s pretty empty at the church during fireworks. I was probably the only one there taking photos. Try both west and east sides of 102 Street, and see which side you like better.

Spot 3: Grande Prairie Regional College

There are a few areas around the college I can think of for fireworks shooting. I haven’t had a chance yet. Next time?

Spot 4: Grande Prairie Heritage Village & Pioneer Museum

Either standing below or on top of 100 Ave bridge is a potential spot for photography, judging from the barge direction on the map.

Spot 5: Muskoseepi Park Pavillion

Photoshooting by the south side of the little pond next to Muskoseepi Park Pavillion may be difficult due to intense street lighting. Give it a try and see how it turns out.

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