Grande Prairie Sunrise

This sculpture is actually a real sundial. It is one of the few recognizable landmarks in Grande Prairie, located in the intersection of Highway 43 (part of 116 Ave) and 106 St, next to Centre 2000.

Autumn Sunrise at Millenium Sundial - City of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

Millenium Sundial in front of Centre 2000 or Tourism and Trade Centre on September 17, 2011

It’s an attraction for tourists mainly or for any special photography occasions such as weddings. Otherwise, I don’t see local residents stop by very often; usually they just drive by it.

I think this momument deserves more attention, because it can look very pretty during sunrise. I took this photo around 6:30am in September. If you don’t want to wake up that early, you can try 7:30am in early October. It’s equally impressive. Check out the sunset photos here.

Sunrise at GP Millenium Sundial - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

Millenium Sundial on October 1, 2011: A beautiful morning in Grande Prairie, Alberta. This gigantic sculpture is actually a sundial. Anyone driving through the city's highway 43 will spot this iconic landmark, across from the new GP hospital.


Exact location of Millenium Sundial is indicated by Green Arrow.

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