Gray Monk Winery

Gray Monk Winery Entrance Sign - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

May 30, 2011: Entrance Sign of Gray Monk Winery

As one of the oldest estate wineries in BC famous for its wine making and signature wines, Gray Monk Estate Winery is located in a vineyard region north of Kelowna overlooking picturesque Lake Okanagan. Like the other wineries in Kelowna, Gray Monk is a great venue for wedding ceremony and banquet, either outdoor and/or indoor. The scenery is amazing for wedding photography, with its century-old looking architecture, lake views, grape vineyard, fresh wines from this vineyard region, fabulous foods…etc.

Unlike other wineries in Kelowna, Gray Monk Winery offers wine tasting and tours year round, FREE of charge!!! Check map below for driving direction. :D

Gray Monk Winery in early morning - Kelowna, BC, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

May 30, 2011: I went there at 7am, so it was closed still. Oh well, next time?

Gray Monk Winery - Kelowna, British Columbia | SAM TSAI . COM

May 30, 2011: Gray Monk Winery in the morning


Exact location of Gray Monk Winery is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map (click EXTERNAL LINK below to view map). You may want to use GPS if unfamilir with this region.

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