Heather Meadows Falls

Heather Meadows Falls (aka Galena Creek Falls) is probably the most amazing waterfalls on Mount Baker State Park by Mount Shuksan. It is about 1/3 of a mile before reaching the one-way road which circles Picture Lake at Heather Meadows. The falls occur next to Mt. Baker Highway 542, at the last crossing of Galena Creek. There is a gravel road right next to the bridge where you can park shortly. Alternatively, you can also park at the roadside turnout about 200ft before crossing the bridge. This breathtaking waterfalls is often missed because many people tend to pay more attention to the scenic view at Picture Lake of Heather Meadows.

Heather Meadows Waterfalls of Galena Creek by Mount Shuksan - Mt Baker National Park, Washington, USA | SAMTSAI.COM

August 1, 2011: Standing on a cliff opposite to Heather Meadows Falls in a summer month. I could not believe there were still huge chunks of snow in August!!! This waterfals is huge; if you can hike down and stand right next to the falls, you'll look very tiny!

I always wonder if it’s possible to get to the base of Heather Meadows Falls, since the cliff on either side of the Galena Creek canyon is pretty steep and made up of loose gravels. I heard people did try to get to the base of the falls, but I’m still yet to see photos as proof.

I also wonder if the slope on the other side of the highway is more gradual, thereby permitting a more gradual hike down the steep canyon. I shall check it more closely next time.


Exact location of the waterfalls is indicated by Green Arrow.

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