Heather Meadows Sunrise

Picture Lake at Heather Meadows, Mt Baker National Park, is indeed a lake for “pictures”!!! Wherever you choose along the walking trail around the lake, the photo always come out very pretty. Sometimes you may be able to witness all four seasons in one shot: migratory birds (spring), blooming flowers (summer), fallen leaves on trail (autumn), snow by lake shore (winter).

Picture Lake Sunrise at Heather Meadows - Mt Baker National Park, Washington, USA | SAMTSAI.COM

August 1, 2011: Fire & Ice at Heather Meadows

Breaking Dawn at Picture Lake, Heather Meadows - Mt Baker National Forest, Washington, USA | SAM TSAI . COM

August 1, 2011: Picture Lake sunrise at Heather Meadows of Mt Baker National Park with a morning orange glow on Mt Shuksan


Exact location is indicated by Green Arrow.

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