Lower Austin Creek Falls

I read about this waterfall somewhere online, but I absolutely do not recommend it. Simply post it here for your info and pleasure. Read more below to find out why…

Lower Austin Creek Falls - Whatcom County, Bellingham, Washington, USA | SAMTSAI.COM

August 1, 2011: Lower Austin Creek Falls in summer

There are several waterfalls along Austin Creek in Sudden Valley on the west shore of Whatcom Lake. Check map below for exact location. The first one is Lower Austin Creek Falls, which is easily accessible and by the road. The other ones (Austin Creek Falls, Lower Trataka Falls, Trataka Falls) are very difficult to get to, involving poorly maintained/broken trail, bushwhack, steep muddy climb, etc. I would consider those waterfalls are very small and not worth your effot after a long physically challenging hike and climb. I want to expect something big, but these falls simply do not deliver the results. Even the Lower Austin Creek Falls should NOT be considered a waterfall at all; it’s too small. I would think of it as a random part of Austin Creek, characterized by a series of stepwise ponds(?). There are bigger falls nearby with easily accessible trails, such as Whatcom Falls within a well-maintained urban city park. Waterfalls along Austin Creek are too dangerous and too small waterfalls to worth your time and effort. NOT RECOMMENDED! STAY AWAY!!

If you persist going on for this expedition, check the map below because it can be a bit tricky to find, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the area.


Exact location of the trail head (parking lot) to waterfalls along Austin Creek is indicated by Green Arrow.

Travel along Lake Whatcom Blvd, turn at Gate 5 of Sudden Valley onto Lake Louise Rd, turn right to Tumbling Water Dr, and turn left to continue on Tumbling Water Dr. Park just before a small bridge over Austin Creek. There was an open space before crossing the small bridge; use that as a parking space. Walk down to the water.

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