MacKenzie Causeway Over Williston Lake

When I went to MacKenzie, this causeway was on my to-see list. It’s pretty cool that an unpaved road is built over Williston Lake, dividing it into two. However, it’s very difficult to find it even with a GPS device. The sign to the causeway is very small, somewhere along Highway 39. I didn’t see it when traveling north toward Mackenzie. I saw it only when driving south away from MacKenzie after seeing the World Largest Tree Crusher.

MacKenzie Causeway over Williston Lake - British Columbia, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

September 4, 2011: MacKenzie Causeway over Williston Lake

While driving on the causeway, you are technically on Williston Lake!!! Williston Lake (Reservoir) was created in 1968 with the completion of the W. A. C. Bennet Dam by the electric utility, BC Hydro. It is the largest freshwater body in British Columbia, and it’s man-made!! That’s HUGE.


Exact location of MacKenzie Causeway is indicated by Green Arrow.

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