Mount Baker Sunrise

Sunrise on Mt Baker is a must-see list for photography enthusiasts. Calm reflection of Mt Shuksan over Picture Lake at Heather Meadows is very scenic with gentle glow of morning sun. There is a walking trail around the entire Picture Lake, allowing many different angles for photoshooting.

Mount Baker Breaking Dawn over Picture Lake - Mt Baker National Park, Washington, USA | SAMTSAI.COM

August 1, 2011: Sunrise at Mt Baker National Park with crystal clear reflection of Mt Shuksan on Picture Lake, Heather Meadows

Mount Baker Summer Sunrise over Mount Shuksan & Picture Lake at Heather Meadows - Mt Baker Highway, Washington State, USA | SAM TSAI . COM

August 1, 2011: Mt Shuksan Sunrise by Picture Lake at Heather Meadows of Mt Baker National Park


Exact location is indicated by Green Arrow.

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