Racehorse Falls

Racehorse Falls is located in Nooksack area, not far from Maple Falls. Check the map below for driving direction to Racehorse Falls.

Next time, I’m gonna swim there at the base of the falls!!! :D Looks so amazing.

Racehorse Falls Hiking Trail by Mt Baker Highway - Deming, Washington, USA | SAMTSAI.COM

August 1, 2011: Standing at the base of Racehorse Falls in summer month.

Racehorse Falls in Summer Season - Mt Baker National Forest, Washington, USA | SAM TSAI . COM

August 1, 2011: This angle allows you to see three tiers on the upper section of Racehorse Falls.

Hiking to the Base of Racehorse Falls - Mt Baker National Park, Washington, USA | SAMTSAI.COM

August 1, 2011: Cross the river to the left side of Racehorse Falls.


Follow Mt. Baker Hwy 542 east from Bellingham to the junction of Highway 542 and Highway 9 in community Deming. Proceed another 5km east on Highway 542, and turn right onto Mosquito Lake Road in community Welcome. Just after the road crosses the Nooksack River bridge, turn left (north) onto North Fork Road. North Fork Road begins with paved section, and then becomes gravel road. Eventually the road heads from north to east. Just before the road crosses Racehorse Creek, turn right (south) onto a small road. Drive 100m and you will see an open space on the right hand side. Park your car there; the trail is on the left hand side (opposite to where you park). Walk down an ATV tread for a couple hundred feet to a dry wash (river bed), then turn right, and follow the wash, which immediately becomes more recognizable as a trail. The falls come into view after 500m of relatively level walking on the river bed. You may have to cross the river once at some point along the hiking trail. If you get stuck, just walk back a few meters and you may find someone else already built a bridge made of rocks and trunks to cross to the other side of the river.

Exact location of the trail head (parking lot) is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map (click EXTERNAL LINK below to view map).


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