Real Dental Vampire Fangs for Halloween

Custom-made vampire fangs fit perfectly to your own teeth, according to individual’s tooth shape, size and color, without interfering speech or chewing functions. As well, they fit so comfortably that they don’t traumatize the gum or lips at all. The vampire teeth can be removed and stored away when not in use, and attached again to the teeth when ready for Halloween night each year. With customized size, matched to the adjacent teeth, the fangs are not bulky at all and will not make the upper lip sticking out. With customized shade and colour, they look very real. :D

Customized Removable Vampire Fangs / Dental Caps for Halloween Costume Made By Dentist | SAMTSAI.COM

Custom-made Vampire Fangs for Halloween :D No problem biting down while wearing vampire fangs; not pinching the gum; no problem talking; matched shade and color (not too white, not too dark, more realistic). Mouth closes properly with vampire teeth in, fitting comfortably.

3 thoughts on “Real Dental Vampire Fangs for Halloween

  1. i so so so want to wear a pair of vampire teeth during twilight saga breaking dawn movie! i think i will scare my friends off. hehe

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