Sherbrooke Lake Creek Waterfalls

I found this little creek on the roadside of Trans Canada Highway 1 nearby Wapta Lake. I don’t know the name of this creek, but it appears it’s draining from Sherbrooke Lake upstream. Check map below for details.

Trans Canada Highway Roadside waterfalls of Sherbrooke Creek from Sherbrooke Lake - Yoho National Park - Field, British Columbia, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

May 31, 2011: Roadside waterfalls of Sherbrooke Creek from Sherbrooke Lake.


Exact location of this creek waterfalls is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map below. It is a roadside waterfalls.

Park Canada Map in pdf

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Hiking Trail to Sherbrooke Lake

Elevation gain: 165 m
Distance: 6.2 km return (3 to 4 hours)
Hiking Trail Direction: From the parking lot behind Great Divide Lodge (aka West Louise Lodge) on Wapta Lake, the trail climbs steadily for 2 km, levelling off before reaching the lake at km 3.1. There is a junction at km 1.4 mark; stay left for Sherbrooke Lake (right leads to Paget Lookout).

Additional Notes: There are some waterfalls along this hiking trail. Sherbrooke Lake also serves as an access point for mountaineering access to the Waputik Icefield and the Scott Duncan Hut.

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