St. Boniface Museum

St. Boniface Museum with Louis Riel Statue in Winter - City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SAMTSAI.COM

December 27, 2012: St. Boniface Museum with Louis Riel Statue.

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is a museum dedicated to French-Canadian and Métis history in Western Canada. The building itself is of historical significance, not only because it is Winnipeg’s oldest building, but also because it is the largest remaining traditional oak log structure in North America. The building is a former convent run by the Grey Nuns Sisters, used as an orphanage, a school, a seniors’ home, and was the first incarnation of the St. Boniface Hospital. The convent building was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1958. A statue commemorating Louis Riel by Franco-Manitoban artist Réal Bérard is displayed in front of the museum which also houses a huge collection of artifacts related to Riel’s life.

Creative Photography Ideas: Sequence Photography at St. Boniface Musuem with Louis Riel Statue in Winter - City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SAM TSAI . COM

December 27, 2012: Sequence photography at St. Boniface Musuem.

St. Boniface Museum Tour

This video gives you a glimpse into what’s inside the museum and the life of Louis Riel.

Map & Driving Direction

Exact location of St. Boniface Museum is indicated by Green Arrow on the following map. For parking space, I would suggest the free street parking along Avenue de la Cathedrale, where you can also visit (A) University of St. Boniface, (B) St. Boniface Cathedral, (C) Promenade Taché, and (D) St. Boniface Museum. Click EXTERNAL LINK below to view parking map (A) to (D).


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