Where Is This Waterfall?

Where Is This Waterfalls? | SAMTSAI.COM

Where is this waterfall located? It looks so beautiful with autumn colours.

Please help me!! I found this photo online, but I can’t find where it is located. I searched “Top 10 Waterfalls of the World”, “Famous Waterfalls”, “Amazing Global Waterfalls”, “China Waterfalls”, “USA Waterfalls”, “Oregon Waterfalls”, “New York State Waterfalls”, “Washington Waterfalls”, “Europe Waterfalls”, “New Zealand Waterfalls”, “Japan Waterfalls”, “Autumn Waterfalls”, etc., but I just couldn’t locate this one.

I assume people can walk across the falls, because there are metal rails (on the right side) leading to a series of flat rocks neatly arranged across the base of the falls.

October 22, 2011: I am still yet to find out where this waterfall is. The most matched waterfalls I can find so far is Cummins Falls at Cookeville, Tennessee. Cummins Falls looks very similar to this waterfall but not exactly the same. Cummins Falls appears smaller and does not have any foot-step rocks or rails at the bottom.

If you know the location/name of this waterfalls, please leave a comment below. Thank you! :D

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  1. Do you have a FB page or Flickr page? Your pictures is very nice, I hope you continue to upload :)

  2. Hi, have you found where is the waterfall with metal rail. I’m eager to know. I’ve seen a travel video on waterfall where people can go close to it. That place has 4 types of waterfalls and it is in China, but I can’t find where it is.

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